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Client Reviews

"Our family is forever grateful for the remarkable job Julie did in defending my granddaughter charged with a felony by getting the charges reduced to a misdemeanor. A highly skilled attorney with exceptional skill sets is the reason my granddaughter was released from custody the same day. We are ever so grateful for Julie's expertise in handling this case and we highly recommend her for an exceptional job in staying on top of the case by keeping us informed every step of the way. A highly skilled professional in her own right, you could not ask for a more qualified, extraordinary and caring attorney. Her compassion, understanding and knowledge of the law gave us a sense of comfort."

- J.

" In 2022 I was faced with something I thought I'd never have to go through. A nasty separation where my ex fiance made false allegations and criminal charges with intent for her pre meditated plans to unfold. I was referred to Julie through another attorney. I'm very pleased I retained Julie, she was able to drop most everything and reduce my charge to almost nothing. Very proactive, knowledgeable and able to see every angle for the best possible outcome."

- J.

"This has been the first time in my life that I was ever in need of legal representation. Julie took my worries and was able to make me feel at ease with the process, knowing what to expect, and potential outcomes. She handled my legal matter with confidence, charisma, and tenacity. She is both highly driven, and a skillful negotiator. She took what would otherwise be an incredibly stressful experience, and made it palatable. Thank you, Julie Baldwin."

- R.

"I was in a bad place when I contacted Julie to be my defense attorney. I had 4 felony charges on me because of what my ex-wife did. I had legal issues in the military and was going through a divorce. All at the same time. Julie was so positive and uplifting. Julie was extremely proactive with the steps she recommended I take to prepare for court. She was very involved with all aspects of my life. Julie was concerned with more than just my court case. Her first-hand knowledge of the legal system was top notch and very comforting.

She was successful in getting all 4 of my felony charges reduced to one misdemeanor. I am truly thankful to Julie Baldwin for all the expertise and professionalism that helped me work through the legal charges and move on with my life. I am retired from the military now and free to move closer to my family and my daughter.

Thank you Julie for all your help and expertise. My family and I owe you a huge debt."


"In May of 2021, I was arrested for a domestic related crime and immediately contacted criminal defense attorney, Julie Baldwin, for help. Julie reviewed every aspect of my case and developed an aggressive defense strategy. Her years of experience as a deputy district attorney and assertiveness gave me confidence in facing my charge which was ultimately dismissed by the district attorney's office. I highly recommend Julie Baldwin to anyone facing criminal charges and in need of legal assistance."

- WC