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For many people, the term “robbery” conjures up visions of masked intruders pointing weapons at unsuspecting shopkeepers and cleaning out their cash registers. While that scenario certainly qualifies as one example of a “robbery,” there are many other instances in which a person may find themselves facing criminal robbery charges under far less egregious circumstances. In some instances, a simple shoplifting case can be quickly transformed into a serious felony robbery charge. This tends to happen in situations when a person takes merchandise from a store, is confronted by a loss prevention officer, and then attempts to push past security personnel or use any means of force or fear against them in order to escape or avoid being detained. In these cases, it doesn’t matter if the items originally taken from the store were only trivial, low cost items. If force or fear was used during any part of the taking, the prosecuting agency may elect to file felony robbery charges as opposed to a simple petty theft.

In California, robbery is always charged as a felony offense and is quite serious. The punishment for a robbery conviction itself will vary significantly, depending upon the “degree” of the offense. Robbery in the “first degree” is punishable by a custody term in the state prison between three and nine years. “First degree” robbery situations result in the following circumstances: (1) where the crime was committed against the driver or a passenger on a bus, train, taxi, etc.; (2) when the crime was committed at an inhabited structure; or (3) where the crime involved a person who just used an ATM machine and is still in close proximity to the ATM. All other robbery situations are generally deemed as robberies in the “second degree” and are punishable by a custody term in the state prison between two and five years.

The penalties can be even greater in cases where someone was injured as a result of or during the commission of the crime, when a weapon or firearm was used during the offense, and in some instances, where robbery is charged in conjunction with other related crimes. In these cases, serious sentencing enhancements may apply and can significantly increase the overall state prison exposure.

For instance, if the alleged victim suffered “great bodily injury” during the commission of the robbery offense, the prosecuting agency may elect to file a special allegation pursuant to Penal Code section 12022.7, et seq. in addition to the robbery charge itself. This allegation requires that the prosecution prove that the defendant personally inflicted substantial physical injury upon another person during the commission of the crime. If convicted of the allegation, this adds a minimum of three additional years to the custody sentence already imposed for the robbery conviction, but it could be more, depending upon the circumstances and which subdivision is alleged under Penal Code section 12022.7.

Even more serious sentencing enhancements are likely to apply in situations where a firearm was involved in the commission of a robbery offense. Penal Code section 12022.53 specifically proscribes an additional ten years in custody for personally using a firearm during the commission of a robbery, an additional twenty years for intentionally and personally firing a gun during the commission of a robbery, and an additional twenty-five years to life in custody if a person suffers great bodily injury or death with a firearm during a robbery.

It is important to note that a felony conviction for a violation of Penal Code section 211 also qualifies as a strike offense pursuant to California’s Three Strikes Law. As such, a felony conviction for robbery could have the collateral consequence of doubling the sentence for any felony convictions that may occur in the future. This is true even if probation is granted, a petition is later filed to have the underlying robbery conviction expunged pursuant to Penal Code section 1203.4, et seq., and that request is granted by the court. Robbery is a strike offense, so even if it is later expunged, it will still count as a strike for purposes of enhanced punishment in the future.

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